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As a professional, I believe that when average golfers can drive the ball straight, get their first putt
close, make the knee knockers, get their approach shots on the green in one swing, and hit their
irons consistently, then the general opinion would change. There's no doubt about it, the game will
be better and golfers will have more FUN!
With 21st century technology I am stepping up to the plate to make Golf a Better Game and more
enjoyable for the majority of golfers. This was easy to do, I  just combined a few lessons from my Golf
School programs where hundreds of previous students excelled and named it  "The Best of Jamie Frith
Golf School". This program is  to address the areas needed as stated above. Anyone can access this
program on a regular basis and learn to improve on their own time table. This type of instruction is
simple, effective and Free. Anyone who prefers private instruction, feel free to contact me. I'm available
8:30am 7-days:$75/hr. Good Luck & Good Golfing! Get started now...
Sincerely,  Jamie Frith Master Professional/Club Maker
Serving South Florida Since 1984
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Making Golf a Better Game & More Enjoyable!
FREE... Online Golf School Program for Any Golfer!
In recent years, the golf industry has been in a rapid decline in a lot of areas, that's what the numbers
show us. Most say the game costs too much, takes too much time and it's too hard. I really don't buy
that! My argument is that the game is just flat out no FUN for most of the average players. I've observed
in past decade too many golfers swing over the top and play with equipment that is exceedingly  
UPRIGHT! Most lack consistent ball striking and score fair at best and seemed to be confused. The
caliber of regular play has so much room for improvement it's mind-boggling!