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JAMIE FRITH...Specializing in Putting Instruction & Custom Fit Putters/Repairs
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There is a weight balance for putters that will allow every golfer to be more consistent!
Over 8,500 High-Tech Putting Lessons Given
FAST FACT...43% of the average golfer’s shots are struck with the Putter!
Putter Fitting – The Most Important Club to Custom Fit
Over 30 Years of Full-Time Teaching Experience in South Florida!
Est. 1984
With the RollBoard I can dial in the putters launch angle at impact by quickly identifying the need to reduce or add
loft to your putter to get the right amount of lift on the golf ball while minimizing skipping and skidding. Getting the
golf ball rolling EARLY is critical to maximizing distance control and accuracy. There is no quicker and more
accurate way to correctly fit a putter to the golfers natural stroke.
TRUE FACT... Golfers that shoot in the 100's average 9 strokes off their score while golfers that shoot in the 80's &
90's average 4 to 6 strokes off their score in one JFG High-Tech Putting Lesson.